Vinyl floor covering Mlook walls and floors customizable

Innovative solutions in walls and floors customizable


In Plasticos Alai we have developed MLOOK. Walls and floors customizable vynyl.



suelo-personalizado-mlookFaithful ur passion is to create innovative products. Through our research, we have developed a solution for floors and walls, . We baptize as MLOOK.Is a product able to reproduce the beauty of natural materials,  while offering the advantages of a high quality vinyl tile with click system. With a dry installation that streamlines the placement of parts and reduces the time of execution of the work. Affordable, adaptable, and unique, our MLOOK catalogue, is available through a network of specialized distributors in the lining of walls and floors. Due to its properties of resistance to water, reduction of noise, great hardness and strength, with a guarantee of durability estimated as twice as products that exist in the market and a few impressive finishes, the floors and walls laminates MLOOK, can be used in moist areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchens, basements, etc.

Vinyl floor covering MLOOK walls and floors customizable.

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