Alai Plastic Solutions

plastic transformation by Extrusion & thermoforming processes
Extrusion of Plastic Profiles

Extrusion of Plastic Profiles

In the Plastic Profiles’ Extrusion unit, we produce all types of profiles of any thermoplastic raw material (PVC, ABS, PC, PE, etc) for complexe that are. Thanks to : advice service on raw material and design. More than 40 years of experience. Own production of raw materials. All kinds of machining operations. Profile’s surface treatment.

PVC & ABS edgebandings

PVC & ABS edgebandings

PLASTICOS ALAI produces edges for furniture for more than 20 years.

In the detail is the distinction, so we manufacture with one of the highest quality standards of the international market. We highlight for the finish of designs and the high quality of our edge for furniture, getting to be one of the best providers of edges for furniture worldwide, in addition to being recognized by the most important manufacturers of melamine boards .

Thermoformed Trays

Thermoformed Trays

Homemade trays of PET, both for the food sector as the industrial, and total control over all the production process in our solutions of thermoformed trays. It allows us to put at your disposal a fast service of manufacturing to fit with your specific needs.

So, not only we face large series of trays, but they also can undertake in record time medium and short series.